LG FlatronWide L206WU Windows Vista-compatible USB computer monitor


LG joined hands with the DisplayLink to debut USB Connected Widescreen Monitor FlatronWide L206WU at IFA 2007 Berlin. The companies announced this latest widescreen Monitor is available in Europe. The L206WU s equipped with DisplayLink’s DL-160 network display chip to deliver high-quality, fully interactive 32-bit true-color graphics with smooth DVD video playback across a USB link.

The specialty of multi-port USB hub is that users can connect up to three LG FlatronWide monitor to a single PC with only one USB 2.0 port. The FlatronWide L206WU high performance liquid crystal display (LCD) technology has a wide-screen resolution (1680×1050) for richer image reproduction.

“LG is proving that multiple monitors can make a big difference in the computing experience of a PC user and that it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated,” said Morris Lee, Global Monitor Marketing Team Leader for LG Electronics. “Being at IFA gives us a very high-profile European launching pad for this very unique product.”

Via: Businesswire