LG Electronics Puts Up Call Center for Digital TV Transition

It is obvious that not all of us are well-educated in the transition to digital TV. While most of the home entertainment addicts are now practically shifting to the new age of entertainment, the need for assistance on issues like TV reception and why they should switch to it will be addressed by this new call center and how-to websites.

It is obvious that the need to raise the level of awareness is at hand. And through the efforts of LG Electronics and Zenith-converter box, the much wanted information on the good and bad side of the people can certainly be addressed.

Among their accomplishments include:

  • Addition of analog pass-through capability in Zenith converter boxes to ensure easy reception of local, low-power TV stations, thousands of which are still broadcasting with analog TV signals.
  • Inclusion of closed-captioning and Second Audio Program capability in Zenith converter boxes, a move that won praise from leading disability advocates.
  • Energy efficiency leadership, with the Zenith DTT901 converter box listed as the most efficient converter box certified for the U.S. Department of Commerce’s discount coupon program.
  • Creation of the ConnectYourBox.com Web site and its Spanish counterpart to help consumers connect their converter boxes to television sets and old VCRs.

(Source) Press