Opus Set to Release Laser Pico Projectors

If this interview is any indication of good things to come for Opus technologies, then we may yet see another new innovation as far as the influx of pico projectors in the market. Opus plans on delivering a new MEMS based laser scan pico projection solution.

The new Opus solution is a two-axis and electro-static driven device boasting of a 10 lumen, VGA/ WVGA resolution and 9cc volume light engine.

The planned pico projectors will be providing better color representations, focus free operation and lower power consumption. However, if there is one area that needs attention, it has to be the laser projection speckle issue.

According to president and R & D manager Andrew Hung, this is one area they are ironing out before releasing the said projectors. This includes working on both hardware and software areas to finally improve in this area of concern.