LG 42PJ350 Plasma Television Review-Surprisingly Good Value

Today we’ve got a plasma from LG, and this one’s going to go a good long way in terms of value for you, which is definitely a consideration you want to make, especially given that you want some cash left over for your chips and dip budget going into the Super Bowl. It’s the LG 42PJ350, and it’s actually pretty good.

The LG 42PJ350 is a forty two inch 720p plasma television that offers three different AV modes to give you different settings depending on what you’re doing with the television at the time, Picture Wizard to give you an easier time setting the various levels of your picture, dual XD engines for video processing, 24p Real Cinema display, Clear Voice II and Infinite SOund for better audio, as well as Dolby Digital decoders, two ten watt speakers, three HDMI ports, two component inputs, two composite inputs, an RF input, a PC input, a USB port and a digital optical audio output.

There’s plenty to like here–decent picture (it’s just 720p, after all), nice sound (ten watt speakers, but with some augmentation), and of course, about as much room for old components as new ones. It’s not the best, naturally. There are a lot of things putting this down, though, but for an entry level plasma television,it should be most of what you’ll need.

And it actually gets better when you find you can get one of these for $467.77 out at Amazon, which is a terrific price.

So if you’re looking for a new plasma television, well, you’ll certainly want a look at the LG 42PJ350, a plasma television that will deliver plenty of value in a good package.