TiVo and Charter have got a new deal going on

I have just learned that TiVo has just started a multiyear deal with Charter Communications to bring the Premiere set-top box and interface to the cable provider.

Here’s what my Source has to say:

According to Charter, its deal with TiVo is designed to bring its customers “a new and enhanced experience.” Charter said that its offering will have the features current TiVo users are accustomed to, including a programming guide, content searching, and live TV control. Users will also have access to the provider’s OnDemand content from the set-top box.

Charter will release an iPad app to complement its TiVo launch. The company said that the app will be a “command central” for users, allowing them to schedule recordings, post updates to Twitter and Facebook, and search for shows.

Charter is going to be releasing its TiVo offering the “full integrated TiVo experience” later this year.