LCD TV Association Reiterates Green LCD TV Push

Everyone is leaning towards getting their own LCD TV soon to get the best visuals and projection that they have been touted to have. And while that is apparent, member LCD TV manufacturing companies have come together to make sure that new and upcoming LCD TVs adhere towards the being energy efficient and adhere to eco-friendly standards.

LCD TVs have been criticized for being power moochers but as soon as the line is drawn on adhering towards energy efficiency standards, you can bet that all of these issues will be laid to rest. The call for energy efficiency has been buzzing around and as far as the LCD TV market is concerned, the need to make sure that no sacrifice in quality and that consumers get what they are paying for must be satisfied.

”We are proud to be at the forefront of helping make LCD TVs better, more energy efficient and in many ways a “greener” product for the world’s consumers, and will continue these efforts in conjunction with companies, brands and governmental organizations in the future,” noted Bruce Berkoff, Chairman of the LCD TV Association.

(Source) Press