Samsung HT-BD3252T/XAA Home Theater Review

I’ve got a nice piece for you today, folks–a sweet bit of Samsung hardware called the Samsung HT-BD3252T/XAA. Samsung’s given us a lot of great pieces over the years, and this one will prove no different.

The Samsung HT-BD3252T/XAA is a thousand watt, 5.1 channel home theater system with four satellite speakers,  a center channel speaker, a subwoofer and a Blu-ray player. Plus, you’ll also get an HDMI output, two HDMI inputs, support for a variety of media from CD-R to Blu-ray, Anynet Plus connectivity, BD Wise, PC streaming capability with an included LAN adapter, and support for a variety of internet content providers like Blockbuster, Netflix and YouTube.

I always love it when a system handles today’s problems as well as tomorrow’s, and this is definitely one of those systems. When you play back pretty much all the media types of the last ten years, you’ve got some terrific utility, and throwing in the streaming services offers you some great choices for down the road as well, making sure that this one will serve as your main system for some time to come. Even better, the sound is great coming out of this one, and that gives it a note of substantial help to choosing it.

And if you’re interested, Amazon’s got these available at three hundred eighty nine dollars, so price tag shouldn’t even be too big of an impediment, especially for what all you get.

So if you’re looking for a new home theater system, go ears-on with the Samsung HT-BD3252T/XAA–you’ll likely find it as impressive as I did.