LaCie Cinema Black Series

LaCie unveils a new line of entertainment solutions as it releases the LaCie Cinema Black Series. Unlike the portable hard drives that they had initially been known for, LaCie unveils an array of players that can both play and record. Both models from the Black range were specially constructed to optimize the way consumers access and play content straight off from their HDTV.

The LaCinema Black PLAY and RECORD will boast some of the most up-to-date home networking capabilities for your home theater demands. Users will now be able to select from a direct network connection although WiFi connections are sure to be the preferred medium today.

With these new players, consumers will be able to use this new player to store music, movies and photos from any computer on the local network. An integrated UPnP client player makes it a snap for users to access media content from a networked PC or Mac from anywhere in the home.

The LaCie Cinema Black Series is priced at $429.99.

(Source) Coolest Gadgets