Labour Day Gift: Hdtvs Made Cheaper

Experience an instant dip in the price of HDTVs and give them as Labour Day gifts without hurting your pocket too much. The TV selling season sees a reduction of up to $300 in the HDTV flat panel range.

While Samsung’s 52” LN52A630 is now priced at $2599 instead of $2699, the 52” LN52A650 sees a reduction of $200. The 50” plasma PN50A550 and PN50A650 are now $200 cheaper. You should be benefited from such a huge decrease in the price range.

This news came as a boon for game lovers as the Baseball post-season games and football season is going to start. The HDTV vendors like Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi and Panasonic reduces the price on latest 2008 models.