Kinect and Wiimote used to play Tetris

We have reported on Kinect being implemented with Tetris before, and this is something that uses the Wiimote. We have reported on the Wiimote being implemented with the Kinect, like Dead Space 2 and Call of Duty.

This is the work of a Trinity College student whose YouTube name is Keyosaurus manages to link together the motions sensing ability of the Wiimote and the Kinect.

There appears to be some interesting augmented reality thing going on, as you can bring on the 3D effect. However, this really doesn’t improve the Tetris game as it is pretty two dimensional, really. Perhaps someone could come up with a 3D version of the classic old-school block game where this would be a factor.

One improvement at a time, I guess. Considering that Kinect and Wii seem to have so many applications, I think it is time that the Xbox 360 get some sort of Wiimote or Move kind of accessory.