Hate 3D? No problem, get these 2D glasses.

I’ve never had a 3D movie party in my home theater, but if I did, I would imagine that there would be one guy that would say: “3D! Oh man, I can’t watch 3D, it hurts my eyes and head!

For this guy, I would give him the 2D glasses, which strip the 3D out of 3D movies so they can be viewed in 2D for those who want to see it Avatar without the depth. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I’ve got Spy Kids 3D at home, and I prefer watching the 2D version, as it is more colorful.

Anyway, these 3D to 2D glasses work by blocking one image while the other lens blocks the other image. Somehow this tricks the brain into viewing the image in 2D, and reduces the eyeball strain.

You should be able to get these 2D glasses for $10. By the way, I don’t know if this is a true product, as ThinkGeek was trying to sell something like this on April Fool’s Day.