JVC HA-FXT90 earbuds

We’ve reported on home audio products from JVC before, such as the EX-A250 New Hi Fi System and the NX-PB10 CD Player with iPod + iPhone dock.

Now, JVC has the HA-FXT90, some new earbuds that could call other earbuds a sissy with their twin driver system. I’m no expert, but I’m going to guess that a regular pair of earbuds has just one driver per ear. This twin driver system will “ensure both the highs and the lows are equally represented without being overdriven”.

These sound like the HD earbuds that I have been hearing a lot about. Usually, there are a lot of money, but the sound may be worth it. I was hoping to get some more specifics on these earbuds, but the Source for the JVC HA-FXT90 is a little too unspecific, sorry to say.

You should be able to get these JVC HA-FXT90 sometime this month for a price of $117.