Its Official-LG Launches Mobile Projector

It wasn’t so long ago we were talking about the LG HS102G, a mobile projector with a digital LED light source.  But now we have an update for you–the device that once was merely introduced has been officially launched, and from what we can tell so far, it is a wonder.

It’s one of the smallest projectors on the market, but this tiny little powerhouse puts out a hundred and sixty ANSI lumen, giving it the ability to transmit spectacularly clear images.  Better yet, the bulbs, which contain no mercury and are thus able to be disposed of like any other bulb, are rated for thirty thousand hours of operation.  Warm up time is also eliminated with the LG, allowing it to run at full power or shut off within seconds. It even has built-in speakers!

Downside, of course, is the price for this little monster–it weighs in at a whopping eight hundred bucks, depending on where you shop.  I’ve seen prices on it go all the way up to twelve hundred plus.