Introducing The BLAZE Blink Now

Good day to you, dear readers! If you’re not familiar with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), it’s a condition apparently caused by prolonged computer use. It can result in headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, eye dryness, irritated eyes and difficulty refocusing the eyes. Of course, this could be a real problem for those of us who tend to spend hours and hours at our computers. Well, now there’s a solution.

The BLAZE Blink Now has been developed to combat the very problem of CVS. This device is a small LCD display that’s designed to be mounted on the top of your computer’s monitor and it shows the image of a single eye that blinks randomly at different intervals. I suppose that this curious little gadget is meant to remind you to take a break from your hours of intense labor on your PC or at least offer you an ongoing distraction to keep you from falling prey to chronic eye strain.

Perhaps this device is just the thing to help you if you actually do suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome. If that’s the case, then go to the BLAZE website and pre-order the Blink Now for $79 (?49.99). It will be available in mid-November. Of course, if CVS is really a problem for you right now, you could just save your money and try some more obvious solutions. You should try taking personal breaks, spending less time at your computer and breaking eye contact with the screen to look at something else once in a while.