Insignia NSL47Q0910A Television Review-Marginal Set

I’ve seen a few different models from Insignia, the house brand of Best Buy, and I’ve been of two minds about them.  Sometimes they’re pretty good, and sometimes they’re less than pretty good.  They seldom deeply impress me either way, and thus, I’m not too surprised to report that the Insignia NSL47Q0910A doesn’t really impress me either.

The Insignia NSL47Q0910A is a forty seven inch 1080p LCD television with a PC video input, four HDMI inputs, two composite inputs, two S-video inputs, two component video inputs, one RF input, one audio output, one optical digital output, one headphone jack, and two ten watt speakers with SRS TruSurround.

Considering that Best Buy is asking about seven hundred bucks ($697.99) for an Insignia NSL47Q0910A, you’d think it’d be a bit more, well, MORE than it actually is.  It’s not necessarily a BAD set–both the image quality and sound quality are fairly good.  The ten watt speakers hurt things just a bit here.  But still, it’s a marginal set at best, with not much to recommend it, but then, not much to disavow it either.