Its Not Just Your iPhone-HTC Now A Home Theater With Blockbuster

So you read here yesterday about how home theater is branching into the mobile phone market thanks to various apps and things like that.  And you also read here how Blockbuster Video is looking to reverse its fortunes with a new emphasis on tech.

Well, you’re not going to believe this one–the first model of cell phone to feature Blockbuster on Demand has just been announced, and it’s the HTC HD2, which will come with a whole slew of entertainment apps, among others, a Barnes and Noble ereader, and as mentioned, Blockbuster on Demand.

You will now be able to, essentially, stream a movie anywhere you happen to be as long as you have an HTC HD2.  Anywhere you go, anywhere you have to wait in line, can now be a perfect time to not only catch up on your reading but also on all those movies you haven’t had time to see.  Think about that for a minute–home theater where ever you happen to be at the time.

It’s an amazing thought, folks.  Sadly, no pricing data has been announced yet, but you can start looking for these to hit stores this spring.