Iluv i255 desktop iPOD/DVD Player at CES 2008

iluv-i255-desktop.jpgIluv, leader in audio, video and communications products has recently announced the launch of 5.1 channel desktop iPOD/DVD Player i1255.

Boasting a sleek modern design, iPOD Connectivity with DVD Player capabilities, it can play music from CDs, MP3 CDs and iPods.

One of the CES’s sexiest products it can play music even through 6th generation iPODs through a compact remote control. Built-in dock adapter is used to watch movies and play music. IPod video and music files can be easily navigated using the on-screen display function.

The integrated dock in i1255 can work with iPod Nano 3rd Generation, iPod with video (30,60,80GB), iPod Classic (80, 160GB) and iPod touch. The DVD Player can zoom in and zoom out with a slow and fast motion playback. Angles, multiple subtitles and audio functions are some very important features of DVD Player. Any type of DVD, MP3CD, VCD, JPEG CD, Audio CD and Kodak picture CD can be played in it.

Via: Aving