HTC EVO 3D & HTC EVO View Coming with Built-in Blockbuster on Demand

Remember Blockbuster? No? It was that video rental company that ruled the airwaves before Netflix came forth with their Stream Instantly service and effectively forced them into bankruptcy. Well, they’re still around holding on and not looking to go anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it was just made note that two of Sprint’s latest Android powered devices including the HTC EVO 3D smartphone and the HTC EVO View will be getting outfitted with Blockbuster on Demand by default. This means that users will be able to either rent or purchase digital movies in both 2D or 3D on the go.

Of course, you’re going to need the EVO 3D to watch those 3D movies seeing how the EVO View isn’t outfitted with a 3D display but that’s just a technicality, right?

Anyways, Blockbuster on demand will offer movies ranging in price from $1.99 to $3.99 hoping to get a jump start on the mobile 3D video rental market. That is, if there proves to actually be a mobile 3D video rental market.