Howard Stern Out, Second City In At Sirius XM?

So there have been some possible programming changes out at Sirius XM, which hasn’t been having the best of times of late.  Howard Stern’s been expressing some doubts about coming back, which makes sense given that the self-proclaimed king of all media has been pulling down monster bank for the last few years.  He wants a “less time consuming schedule”, and Sirius probably isn’t too concerned if he walks.  After all, they paid the guy somewhere in the neighborhood of three quarters of a billion dollars and got a whole slew of subscribers out of his joining the Sirius schedule, so for both of them it’d probably be a pretty amicable split.

Meanwhile, Second City Comedy Radio is looking to sign on with Sirius XM, at least for a short time.  And frankly, given the sheer amount of amazing comedians that have come out of Second City, I would definitely look forward to this.  But it wouldn’t just be comedy, either, even though there’d be plenty of that.  Word is they’d also have some behind the scenes stuff and interviews and anniversary special stuff too.

So if you’re a Sirius XM subscriber, or just have been thinking about being one, this may be a great time.