How to Setup your Home Theater Outside

We have seen a lot of great outdoor concepts as far as setting up a home theater is concerned but at these hard times, no one would probably be wise enough to spend so much. But the question is, do you really have to purchase new equipment for outdoor home entertainment? Perhaps not if you are resourceful!

Assuming of course you are among the home theater addicts investing heavily on audio and visual equipment, the chances of having some old stuff lying around unused may be all that you need. Let us take the basic setup.

  1. Screens. You don’t need a high end screen. Find a white cloth, hang it somewhere where you and other people can easily view your choice of video.
  2. Projection. While this may be something that would not suit most, people who have them know that they can be placed anywhere. Gather up some extension cords and place your projector aligned to the cloth you had initially setup.
  3. Audio Speakers. Forget about the quality music. You are viewing outdoors so if you think you can get clarity, you can just forget it. You are not trying to impress anybody. If you really want whole sounds, try and add more old speakers.
  4. DVD/Blu-Ray Players. Now this is something everyone has. Just take it out, plug it in and you can so that it will play the disc of your choice.

Basically these are the ones you need but there are some who would go to the extreme. Just remember you are just trying to enjoy video entertainment outdoors and not transferring your in-home entertainment equipment outside. Just imagine the trouble it could cause, moving the equipment which may even be a cause for damage if you are not careful.

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