Hitachi Unveils New Professional LCD Projectors

Hitachi Corporation Japan, has unveiled three new Professional LCD Projectors optimized to deliver superior performance. The Hitachi’s new line up includes the CP-X10000J, CP-WX11000J and CP-SX12000J Projectors. All projectors give varied interchangeable lens options, to match different business environments from a small conference room to large Convention Hall.

The CP-WX11000J offers up to 1366 ? 800 high resolution WXGA output, while CP-WX12000J and CP-SX10000J deliver High Resolution SXGA+ video projection. The projectors feature an effective 4-layer filter to resist dust ensuring longevity and less intervention. However, the feature-packed projector array bears scorching price tags, out of our reach with the very first model costing around 13000€.