Hitachi Unveils Five New Full HDTVs with 500GB HDD

Hitachi unveils its own version of a full HDTV with built-in Blu-ray recorders and HDD as it unveils five new models, following the footsteps of Mitsubishi which had also unveiled the same TVs with similar features just recently.

For their part, Hitachi unveils two LCDs and three Plasma TV sets all of which carry the same built-in Blu-ray video recorder and a 500GB HDD to go. The two LCD TVs will come out (pricing indicated) in 37” ($2,500) and 42” ($3,000).

As for the three Plasma TVs which boast of a 40,000:1 contrast ratio, they will be available in 42” ($3,000), 46” ($3,500) and 50” ($4000).

Hitachi will ship the Plasma TVs to Japan stores beginning September 10 while the LCD TVs will follow by October. No word on when they will be available internationally.

(Source) Crunch Gear