Hitachi 5K250 hard drive

hitachi-inspirelogo.gifHitachi recently introduced its all new 2.5” Travelstar drive model 5K250 for consumers. The new drive gives enhanced usage as it has a capacity of 250 GB storage and its platter spin with 5400 rpm leading to reduced power consumption (1.8 watts during read/write processes). Hitachi 5K250 is shipping at a suggested retail price of $250. A new optional feature “Bulk Data Encryption” is added in the Travelstar series to enable data to be scrambled using a key as it is being written to the disk and then descrambled with the key as it is retrieved. Now you can store about 250 hours of standard definition video, 89 full movies, or more than 60,000 MP3 music tracks in the 250 GB drive.

Via: Whack