Guardian Wired Headphone Detect Hearing Loss and Monitor Listening Levels

.Hamilton Electronics, a renowned leader in electronics for the education market recently introduced, the Guardian Wired Headphone with an intelligent Sound Level Monitor technology incorporated. This headphone comprises of green and red LED lights thus, the parents can visually observe listening levels of their kids. The green light in the Guardian wired headphone signify a secure listening volume and a red light points toward that the sound is excessively high which again alert parents that the child might have a hearing difficulty or is at threat of causing irremediable harm to their ears.

As the kids of all ages these days are persistently seen with earphones on while listening to the MP3 and DVD players, generally at volumes piercing adequate for everyone around them to hear. So the Guardian Headphone would be of great help at these occasions. Parents can regularly monitor the sound levels and can prevent their children from damaging their ears. Additionally the headphone also features Hamilton’s patented ASM (Automatic Stereo/Mono Switching) Technology, rechargeable batteries which can work for 125 hours on one charge and above everything a comfy, fully amendable headband. The Guardian Wired Headphone is already available in the markets at a suggested retail price of $39.95 for one headset with a charger.

Via:Prweb Press