Green House GH-JEF223SHCW/B and GH-JEF223SH-LHCB LCD


Have double fun with the two latest Greenhouse offering-GH-JEF223SHCW/B and GH-JEF223SH-LHCB 22" wide Liquid Crystal displays. Both the LCDs come loaded with the HDMI option.

The stellar GH-JEF223SHCW/B touts a brilliant contrast ratio of 1,000:1 along with 2ms response time. The glossy black body also integrates a host of other enthralling features, like 300cd/Sq.m brightness, 160 degree left and 170 degree right viewing angle and 1,680?1,050 dot class resolution.

The 5.6Kg LCD delivers optimal sound quality through built-in 2W+2W speakers. As for interface, you are offered two options of HDMI and D-sub 15 pin. Well, Not actually making a deep cut in your pocket, the GH-JEF223SHCW/B would cost around 36,800Yen.

Also on sale is the other Green house model GH-JEF223SH-LHCB nearly bearing same features. This high-end model will be retailed for 39,800Yen.