Graphene to Replace Copper Connectivity Soon?

Rarely would people be aware that inside most electronic equipment, the connections which currently make use of copper can easily break down and carry limited capacities. And while people have been used to this trend, it looks like larger capacity and better conductors are on its way as Graphene nannoribbons are slowly making its way to improve chip connections, complementing the growing demand and requirements of advanced electronic equipment coming out today.

And the result is of course longer life span for these connectors and added performance which should be able to handle the brunt of loads on devices which are getting complex and powerful. Electromigration is a phenomenon that causes transport of material, especially at high current density. In on-chip interconnects, this eventually leads to a break in the wire, which results in chip failure.

So once the graphene technology comes out, expect better performance and longer life spans for your electronic devices. This is certainly something that should be a bright note for people who invest heavily on electronic devices and equipment and long for better life span and performance from them.

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