Google TV With Honeycomb & Android Market Coming Soon

If you’ve been following Google TV you’ll know that Google definitely has the right mindset with this platform but wide spread adoption has yet to happen.  This may soon be a thing of the past as Google is set to update the platform giving it many highly sought after features. Most importantly, set-top boxes such as the Logitech Revue will soon be shipping with an updated version of Google TV based on the popular mobile platform Android Honeycomb. Not only does this mean a new UI that’s easier to navigate but you’ll also soon have access to the Android Market.

That’s right, Google is finally bringing their massive app catalog to the big screen (or small screen, depending on how you look at it). If developers take advantage of this it may cause a problem for traditional video game consoles.

When will it be coming, you ask? We’re not exactly sure but our sources tell us it will be sometime within the next week or so.