Worlds Largest Glasses-Free 3DTV

3D display technology is all the rage with countless movies hitting theaters in 3D. However, some consumers have been turned off by the technology due to the fact that many displays require you to wear special 3D glasses. Luckily development is moving along nicely for glasses-free 3D displays with several devices such as the Nintendo 3DS and HTC EVO 3D already on the market with such a display.

But, while the technology has been popular within mobile devices extremely large displays have yet to take advantage of the technology. Today, however, Japan’s National institue of Information and Communications in partnership with JVC have come froth to show us a 200-inch glasses-free 3DTV. This display is vierable from 57 different angles and unfortunately isn’t available for purchase.

Then again, the price tag of this television would surely be astronomical.