Google Media Server Streams Content from PC to the TV


Now, you can get the content available on computer on your television using Google Media Server. Google, world’s leading search engine, has time and again brought out the best of facilities and services to the Internet-savvy people and this time it has brought out the advanced featured Google Media Server.


Letting the users stream their photos, videos and music from the computer to your TV, Google Media Center or Server is a free Windows-only software application. All you need to get this advanced server is a Universal Plug and Play compatible device like a set-top box or a photo frame like Kodak EasyShare or an Xbox or a Playstation gaming console.

Once you connect Google Media Server with your computer, it will auto-discover any UPnP device that is connected with your computer. Google Media Center also enables you to pick content like Picasa photo galleries, desktop folders and so on to be streamlined on your television.