Premiere HTS Rawlings Home Theater Seating

Grandslam Rawlings Seating

Grandslam Rawlings Seating

Via a new licensing agreement, PremiereHTS (PHTS) will exclusively design, manufacture and market a product under the Rawlings brand names.

The Grand Slam features a lower seat back with a stealth, club-chair-like design allowing for a slightly smaller footprint, saving space and making it ideal for smaller home theater rooms.

The low-back design allows for full-frequency response from rear channel speakers. Additional Grand Slam features include an optional swivel tray table and a large capacity, stainless steel cup holder.

The Grand Slam comes available in buckskin or black leather and can be configurable in a straight, shared arm or single club row.

Designed in a Euro-deco style, the Reliever model is a great choice for a contemporary-styled home theater.

With its quality, custom-tailored stitching and rounded-styled seatback with decorative contrast welting combinations, it will transform even the most basic entertainment room into a chic home theater.

Other Reliever features available include an optional swivel tray table, which is great for snacks, drinks, and even laptops. In addition, a whisper-quiet recliner motor, for continuously variable recline capability is a great add-on option.

There is also a light touch variable lever release for non-motorized recline function as well as a space saving, “wall hugger” incliner design.

It is offered in buckskin or black leather. The Reliever can be configured in shared arm row layouts (straight or curved), or loveseat configuration (each seat will recline independently). In addition, a large capacity stainless steel cup holder is offered.

Both the Grand Slam and the Reliever come with a lifetime warranty frame, five years of parts and labor on leather, and one year on ultra suede.

The Reliever and Grand Slam models are now making their debut in home theater designer showrooms throughout the US, with plans to expand to other retailers, specialty designers and furniture dealers in the future.