Fuze Media mini home entertainment media solution


If you have postponed your decision to buy a Media Solution due to small house, here comes Fuze Media System’s entry-level whole-home media solution. A one-box solution specifically designed for apartments, condominiums and vacation houses.

Bob Silver, VP of Sales & Marketing at FUZE, explained that “the industry is hungry for a cost-sensitive whole-home media solution with FUZE reliability, ease-of-use, and performance. Without sacrificing reliability or performance, this solution is perfectly suited for smaller homes and apartments. We’re excited that we’ve been able to deliver a whole-home media system, in a smaller form factor, with identical performance to our flagship FUZE Media System.”

This easy-to-use and reliable home solution is perfectly fit for houses with 2-03 television sets. It stores, distributes and manages the home entertainment efficiently and with reliability. Record movie, music, photos and what not with this Mini Edition home entertainment solution.

The 2 video, 4 audio zones and 3rd optional video zone makes it more usable. The sever boasts features like 4GB memory, 2.2GHz processor and 750GB storage which explain its functionality. Go and get it home in second quarter of 2008 and the price easily suits your pocket.

Via: Fuze