Four Great Places To Get Video You Havent Thought Of

We all know that Netflix and Blockbuster and Redbox are great places to get movies to feed our home theater gear, but here are four that you may not have thought of.

Hulu.  Hulu is also starting up a movie branch, though it’s not as well stocked as the other major names, Hulu does have the distinct advantage of having its offerings availble for free.

Amazon Video on Demand.  Amazon’s service, which is a fairly recent startup, actually has more titles than Netflix does right now.  In fact, at last count, Netflix had a grand total of a hundred thousand titles period–Amazon’s video on demand has half that number, and they all stream for twenty four hour rentals.

iTunes.  Yes, the Apple offering is also offering a slew of titles for a universal four dollars a title for a twenty four hour period, but you’ll have to use an Apple product to watch, whether it be Apple TV, iPhone, iTouch or Mac.

Your library.  You may not think of the public library as anything more than a repository of books, but it’s true–they’ve stocked DVDs for some time now.  They may not have as many as actual video stores, but their rates are much better and the rental terms often last longer.  Late fees are often lower too, and in some cases, can be waived.

So if you’re looking for a new source of video, know that the field is wide open.