Sweet Home Theater Setup – On A Budget

You’ve got to love people who try to build home theaters inexpensively.  They long for the same home theater experience as high priced setups can get, but their budget won’t allow it.  Thus, they seek to make do and do what they can themselves, and home theater setups like this are spawned.

Thus, The Hood Guru will lead us on a tour of his downright bargain basement setup, and show us that we too can enjoy home theater without breaking the bank.

He’s got a a fifty inch Vizio plasma television in there, and saved money by buying an older model.  There’s a Philips receiver that he added some Polk Audio speakers to–the mismatching is due to him already owning the receiver, and it can do whatever he’s looking to do with the exception of HDMI.

The key thing about this setup is the mismatching of components.  By selecting on the basis of availability and price you can do a great job on just a little budget.  Sure, you won’t get the utility, but this comes back to the whole point of using a modular setup, so as your budget improves, so too can your components.

But for a start, this is definitely a sweet home theater setup, because it was done with the future in mind.