Forceteks Xio Is A Different Kind Of Gaming Controller

As E3 2010 wraps up this weekend, consumers and reporters have now witnessed the intense competition between Microsoft and Sony to take over the motion-control gaming market originally dominated by Nintendo. While Sony’s Move is basically a more advanced version of the Wii controller, Microsoft’s Kinect actually uses a multi-array sensor for gameplay without a controller. However, Forcetex sets itself apart from the big three gaming companies with a different kind of gaming controller for consumers.

Forcetex’s new gaming controller is called the Xio, which is a device mounted on the user’s arms for a virtual gaming experience. This arm-mounter controller uses force feedback all along the player’s arms since its technology is based on physical therapy. When in use, the Xio controller generates tactile feedback according to what’s happening during a game but it doesn’t include a rumble function, though.

Ultimately, Forcetex wants to develop an entire exo-skeleton gaming device for players. But for now, developers will have the opportunity to provide additional support for the Xio arms. It will be interesting to see how well this arm-mounted controller does in the gaming market, assuming it does come out in the near future.