Microsoft Announces Official Prices For The New X-Box 360

If you’re a fan of the 360 looking to find out about the latest prices for your favorite Microsoft products, then you’re reading the right article! Microsoft has officially released pricing for the new X-Box 360, which is $199 for retail later in the fall and it’s replacing the $149 Arcade console, which isn’t being made anymore.

Furthermore, the company confirmed that Kinect will come as a bundle with the X-Box 360 but pricing information about this accessory isn’t currently available. However, an X-Box 360 Elite could cost $399 and the Arcade might be going for $299, according to Engadget. Well, at least the $199 X-Box 360 is probably affordable for most gamers. But I’ll bet that a console bundle with the Kinect will have to be priced at $299 at least in order for most consumers to be willing to try the new motion-control system in the near future.