First Orders Taken For the SHOWWX Pico Projector

So a new brand of pico projector, the SHOWWX, has burst onto the scene and has already taken orders for the tiny devices.  Microvision, the company behind the SHOWWX, has struck a deal with a European mobile phone producer to basically attach SHOWWXs to their line of phones.

This is actually a really impressive development.  This is the very beginning of the era of the universal home theater, in which content can follow you and be exhibited anywhere under similar conditions to your own home theater.

See, the SHOWWX is intended for mobile devices, and so works well with streaming video, Flash video, and most anything you’d see on, say, YouTube or Hulu.  But that’s not to say that the streaming from Netflix wouldn’t also work.  And since the SHOWWX is designed to throw up an image measuring roughly two hundred inches across, they’re just perfect for home theater, even when you’re not home.  Think about that–watching a movie in a hotel room the exact same way you’d watch it at home?  Oh, sure, the SHOWWX isn’t a match for a 1080p JVC, yet, but this is just the beginning.

Just the beginning….