FCC has approved LG Z47LC6DF LCD TV jam-packed with full HD 1080p native resolution. It can gain digital over-the-air cable signals without an external digital set-top box. Users can get three HDMI ports in the LCD TV to connect audio and video devices that too with one cable. It delivers superb quality digital images and sound.

The LG Z47LC6DF LCD TV comes with a playback system supporting a million or more pixels, 16.9 aspect-ration screens and an AC3 digital audio along with 1080i and 720p resolutions. The sound of the LCD TV is also rocking as it has Dolby digital feature to produce excellent sound.

The customers will find a lot more useful accessories along with the LCD TV that includes CD manual, remote control, power cord, batteries, cable management clip and many more. You can easily connect digital audio to various types of equipments. The LCD supports a power cord socket for power and the users should never attempt to operate the TV on DC power.

The LG Z47LC6DF LCD TV is full of awesome features and will surely allow the users to have a wonderful experience of viewing and listening to video and audio.

Via: FCC