Extreme BeanBag

Sacs Seating

Sacs makes this modern and comfortable seating alternative to the beanbag. Become engulfed in the luxurious foam 3ft. high and 3 to 6ft. wide and covered in soft twill or microfiber or recline for a deep rest. Create a relaxed, informal setting or liven up your home theater, your gaming room or playroom. Available in 3′, 4′, 5′ or 6′ sizes. Made with 100% recycled/shredded furniture grade urethane foam.

The fabrics are machine washable lush twill or microfiber and the liners are nylon rip-stock with a child safety zipper. These products are 100% USA made. Available Sac sizes: 3ft. 4ft. 5ft. 6ft. Prices range from $165 – 360. Check out stargatecinema.com