European Audiophile Firm STS Digital Issues 2 SACDs

European audiophile firm STS Digital has added to its line of reference quality recordings with 2 Multichannel/Stereo SACD releases.

Carmen Meets Kharma Live
by Carmen Gomes Inc.
(STS Digital STS 6111126)

The first edition in this series is subtitled “The essence of music” and features European artists Carmen Gomes Inc.

Songs on this Multichannel/Stereo SACD include:
1. Summertime
2. Heaven is a state of mind
3. Pastora
4. I believe
5. Take it all
6. I’ll pay the band
7. Gazing at the sun
8. Green and Blue
9. Soul
10. Billies’s Blues
11. September
12. It’s about time

Shostakovich: Preludes & Fugues
by Michiel Ras, Organ
(STS Digital STS 6111130)

“Natural Ambience” is the subtitle of this new SACD. It features Michiel Ras on the Organ performing Prelude op. 87 no. 1 t/m 12 and Fugue op.87 no. 1 t/m 12 by Shostakovich.

According to Fritz de With at STS Digital, the stereo versions of both albums offer very high quality sound. But he recommends listening to these SACDs in 5 channel mode if you want to experience the true atmosphere of these albums.

Both albums are available for purchase from The World of Super Audio CD Web Site in Germany at or directly from STS Digital (see link below).