Cowboy Junkies Release 1st SACD

With their trademark blend of moody, languid instrumentation and Margo Timmins’ achingly beautiful vocals, the Cowboy Junkies have been enchanting listeners for more than fifteen years. This week the band has released an SACD version of their album entitled “Open” on Zoe Records (Zoe 01143-1020-6).

According to Zoe Records the “Open” album is “a collection of menacingly beautiful tales about the journey of life, marks a dramatic milestone in the Cowboy Junkies’ storied career. While exhibiting the band’s usual hypnotic, ethereal persona, as well as their dynamic, grit rocking alter-ego, Open also stands apart in the Cowboy Junkies’ repertoire as the darkest, heaviest album they’ve ever made.

Haunting, mesmerizing, and at times more than a little frightening, Open is an album that will get under your skin and, once there, will keep you coming back for more. “

The album features Margo Timmins, vocals Michael Timmins, guitar, Peter Timmins, drums, Alan Anton, bass, Jeff Bird, mandolin, electric mandolin, harmonica, 8 string bass and percussion, Karin Bergquist, back up vocals, Linford Detweiler, organ, piano and Wurlitzer.

The Stereo SACD of “Open” is now available from Zoe Records for $17.99.