Esoteric X-05 VRDS CD/SACD Player Ships

Esoteric, a manufacturer of high-end consumer electronics, has introduced its new X-05 VRDS CD SACD Player. Incorporating the latest VRDS-Neo “VMK-5” transport mechanism from Esoteric, this newly launched product is optimized for the high-speed rotational requirements of Super Audio CD and CD.

Recently, exhibited at CEDIA 2008, the new X-05 VRDS CD SACD Player features a high precision aluminum and polycarbonate turntable along with a new drive mechanism for disc loading. It features a new spindle motor that incorporates a frequency generation sensor to enable an accurate detection of rotational speed.

Using Cirrus Logic’s 24-bit/192kHz processing DACs, the new X-05 helps in reducing superior channel separation. It allows a wider range of consumers to benefit from VRDS engineering. Currently, the X-05 VRDS CD SACD Player is available in silver and black colors at a price of $ 5999.