Epson EB Series Projectors


Epson Company has recently launched a range of ultra-tech projectors to facilitate various organizational works, presentations and demonstrations. The line-up is formally called as the Epson EB Series. It consists of 6 models namely EB-G5000, EB-G5100, EB-G5150, EB-G5300, EB-G5350 and EB-G5200W.

This Korean Series supports high-resolution, 3 LCD technology and also has the aspect ratio of 16:9. The Epson EB Series provides good picture and sound quality. Not only this, Epson Series will also help you to exercise control over the screen on a large scale. If Security is an issue, then, this series score much higher than their contemporaries, as they come with a loaded “KeyLock System” and with a password input.

The Epson series is designed with great precision and care. It has user-friendly functions and is also available at exciting prices. Inclusive of VAT, the EB-G500, EB-G5100 and EB-G5150 will cost around 2,000,000 Won, 2,200,000 Won and2,700,000 Won respectively. While the EB-G5300 is available at just 3,500,000 Won, the EB-G5350 will cost you little higher at 3,700,000 Won. The sixth model i.e. EB-G5200 is offered at 2,700,000 Won only.

Via: Press