Edifier Sound To Go offers portable audio

OK, so this has nothing to do with your living room unless you don’t mind working on your notebook in, where else, but the living room? That is what the Edifier Sound To Go is all about, as this sound bar will play its role well, no matter how small your netbook or how large your notebook is, still full well capable of churning out tunes that are sure to please your ears – as long as the original file is of high quality, we reckon.

The Edifier Sound To Go might be diminutive in size, but it sure as heck doesn’t compromise where performance is concerned. Despite being long and thin, it will still come with its very own carrying case to make sure that it is a snap to tote around. Audio can be sent to the Edifier Sound To Go via a USB connection, or you can always opt for the ol’ standby, the stereo jack.

This more or less means you can also connect the Edifier Sound To Go to an iPhone or other compatible portable media players, but it will still need its USB port for juice. $55 isn’t too much of an asking price for something like this, is it?