Samsung Google TV Delay Due to Hardware Restrictions?

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that Google is looking to merge the gap between televisions and computers with their Google TV platform. This platform allows you to do things like surf the web, watch web content and more on the big screen all from the comfort of your couch. However, due to high price tags associated with offerings from companies like Sony, the platform has yet to catch on. But, as time goes on and more hardware manufacturers partner up the platform is expected to see a boost in popularity.

If you were wondering why we’ve yet to see a Samsung television powered by the platform, some news has appeared today regarding the delay. Apparently, Google was requiring manufacturers to use an Intel CE4100 chip in all of their Google T  products. Seeing how Samsung has their own line up of chips they declined thus resulting in the delay. Luckily, it seems that Google has lifted the requirement allowing Samsung to use whatever chips they want in their products.

Let’s hope that now things have been sorted out Samsung is able to get a TV powered by the platform onto the market – Google TV really needs it.

via engadgethd