Doctor Rehab Hip Hop Construction Loop Sets Now Available

Music producers, professional and amateurs alike, can look forward to better sound mixing and enhancements as releases new Hip Hop loop sets that should aid them in perking up their sounds the way that most hip hop and rap artists do with their music today.

The package comes with over 296 individual loops that should provide them with all their needs as far as trying to copy the music of artists like Dr. Dre, The Alchemist and Scott Storch. It seems that for bands and musicians who want to deliver captivating sound with effects, this is the add-on you may be looking for.

Here is what you will get with it:

  • Features 26 hip hop beats – in the styles of Dr. Dre, The Alchemist, Scott Storch and more – all multi-tracked out for mixing and beat making ease.
  • The Doctor Rehab Hip Hop Loops Set features signature P5Audio drum sounds.
  • Features live guitar recorded through Avalon and Neve pre-amps, and captured through Apogee A to D converts.
  • Each loopset is a full beat that can be mapped out for artists to record over – Producers can also chop the elements and create hundreds of new sounds for their beat making arsenal.
  • Loops are available in both 24 bit and 16 Bit WAV, REX and Apple Loop formats.

The Doctor Rehab Hip Hop Construction Loop Sets is now available for download at

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