DIYer Sets Sail in Pirate-Themed Theater


If you are a great fan of “Pirates of the Caribbean” then the new DIY Pirate-Themed Home Theater is ideal for you. Designed after an inspiration from the movie trilogy, this home theater system incorporates scenes from the ride as well as the movie. You will get to see the room scattered with things bought directly from Disney.

“Trying to recreate something that is so iconic as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ was extremely difficult,” Paul, the person who designed this home theater says. “I don’t know how many times we would built, tear down, and rebuilt things.” He also said, “The wood really adds a lot to the theme and the way we were able to put a treasure map and gold coins and different props under the glass really makes it a highlight that everyone seems to remember when they come over for a movie.”

Some of the other highlights of this DIY Pirate-Themed Home Theater include the detailed lobby, also known as Laffite’s Landing, which was also a part of the original theme park attraction. While watching movies, you will notice that the top of the bar lights up in order to make it easy to study the treasure maps and gold.

Via: Electronic House