Disneys Tactile Brush could change the way movies will be viewed

Disney is apparently working on a new way to bring movies to life with Tactile Brush. It has nothing to do with brushing, but sensors underneath the seats, like you see in the image.

It is a variation of certain movies that are done in 4D, like that Shrek movie at Universal. This Tactile Brush has 12 vibrating coils that can simulate just about anything from riding a speeding car to dripping water on your back.

Disney has demonstrated this technology at the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Vancouver for racing games. However, I just don’t see why in the world this can’t be used for something like home theaters, of course, seats will probably need to be seriously upgraded.

In my opinion, I see Tactile Brush as the next logical step. Once we get sick of 3D, and realize that all we have are 2D movies, we will need the next cinematic thrill to keep us going back into the theaters.