Dell Presents New Vostro Desktops


Dell has unveiled its two extremely sophisticated latest Vostro desktops; intended especially for the mid business, governments and educational institutes at cost-effective way. The Dell Vostro A180 is quite useful and practical desktop, which will provide users better solution for their day to day business. Moreover, the Dell Vostro A100 is a trustful and entry-level desktop, which will allow users to meet their basic business production requirement without any difficulty.

In fact, both the A100 and A180 desktops are fully loaded with unique and technical features. The A180 can work at many operating systems including Ubuntu® Linux® or Microsoft® genuine windows Vista®, while the A100 works quite well at Ubuntu® and Linux®.

The A180 desktop has processors of Intel Celeron® and Pentium® dual core options, which help to optimize office application act and straightforward multi-tasking. The Vostro A100 desktop supports only Intel® Atom processor.

The Dell’s A100 comes with up to 80 GB while A180 has 160GB hard drives. Both the desktop can also be integrated with the audio, graphics and network connections. Moreover, the desktops are also expedient abut access to USB and audio ports.

The Dell’s A100 and A180 desktops are expected to be available in coming months.