Dali HELICON 400 MK2 Limited Edition speaker

Dali celebrates its 25th anniversary by introducing a Limited Edition of HELICON 400 MK2 speaker system. Golden logo badge on front and golden Limited Edition nameplate on the rear panel distinguishes it from other systems.

The 32kg speakers feature ribbon and a low-mass soft dome, Hybrid Tweeter Module, two 6½” mid/woofers and Class A magnet systems. Less electrical and magnetic losses lead to optimized output. Operating between a frequency range of 31.5 – 27,000 the speakers offer a sensitivity of 88dB.

Polished and lacquered after each coat the cabinets are available in high gloss real black finish to match any kind of décor. With lips still sealed on price, the speaker is bound to deliver crisp high quality sound.

Via: Denon