D-Box Technology To Be Part of Astro Boy Presentation

One of the biggest new innovations in theater technology, and home theater technology as well, is the D-Box system of motion sensitivity, in which certain releases are packaged with a kind of code that can translate to the D-Box and provide movement synchronized to the presentation on screen.

And one of the big new movies of the year, Astro Boy, will be coming with its own D-Box instruction package.  That means, essentially, you’ll be able to move along with the movie you’re watching while you’re watching it.  And, chances are, the D-Box instruction package will follow along onto the home video version.

I’ve always been enamored with the idea of motion components added to movies, and some movies, especially those heavily featuring chase scenes or flight scenes definitely lend themselves well to this concept, and Astro Boy should qualify nicely.  Hopefully this is the start of several instances of D-Box package titles, with many more to come.